[RCU] Possible RC bug in IE7?

gnul nullchar at gmail.com
Thu May 1 21:23:18 CEST 2008

> When i load an IMAP folder with
> more than a screenfull of items (in this particular case they are all unread
> items if that matters), the scroll bar does not appear to go to the rest of
> the messages in the given folder. If I click select All, or Unread then it
> appears and i can move down but not otherwise. Could this be a bug? Does
> anyone else experience this using the latest version?

I am also using the 0.1.1 release, and I can consistently reproduce
this problem with IE7 by simply clicking back and forth between two
folders with more than 40 messages each.  The Read/Unread status has
no effect.  And, having the Preview Pane on or off has no effect.

I do not get any javascript errors in either Firefox nor IE.  My
guess: IE rendering quirk.

The act of scrolling with the mouse wheel still works, but the scroll
bar does not appear until a message is selected OR until that same
folder is re-clicked in the folder list.

Steps to reproduce:  click back and forth between two (large) folders
until the scroll bar does not appear.  Re-select that same folder or
select a message within that folder for the scrollbar to appear.

Place to start looking:  When validating the HTML source, there is a
"style" tag printed outside of the "head".  This style block affects
the "#mailcontframe" div, which holds the message list table (and
scrollbar).  This problem is probably an IE7 CSS rendering bug so you
might try moving that style block into the head.  (Before spending any
time on this, someone should try and reproduce this with the latest
trunk build.)

Good luck.


(Note: I also avoid IE whenever possible.)
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