[RCU] lists users

Timur V. Voroshilov voroshilov at ancor.ru
Sun May 4 10:52:25 CEST 2008

rouncubemail take to provide web-interface to mail. But several 
complications arose:

In the configuration file is main.inc.php
-- cut ---
$ rcmail_config [ 'default_host'] = array (
'ssl: / / mail.msk.ancor.ru: 993',
'ssl: / / mail2.msk.ancor.ru: 993'
-- cut ---

And I would like to do:
attach file (user_server) with a list of users. And referenced them 
(users) to servers, for example:
-- cut ---
user = mail.msk.ancor.ru
user2 = mail2.msk.ancor.ru
-- cut ---

And when you enter the user name and password (at the start pages) is 
checked user_server and connect to the server, depending on where the 
user is located.

Question: I can not tie the list, with users and servers to your 
configuration files and make roundcubemail read from the file.

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