[RCU] Problem with attachments

dosan76 ubforum at ekrisman.com
Tue May 6 20:55:23 CEST 2008

I have the same problem with the infinite loop after sending a 600kb 
attachment.  I can send <100kb attachment just fine.   Php memory limit 
is set to 6MB.  I have this problem since rc2, I thought 0.1.1 will fix 
it but unfortunately not   :( 

I guess I'll wait for the patch.  Attachments are kinda important for my 
users, someone has to send those silly email to me.  :) 


A.L.E.C wrote:
> thomas.schober at gmail.com wrote:
>> Hi,
>> that Problem persits for me since the first Release of Roundcubemail. Since
>> i installed the 0.1.1 Release i can't even upload more than 2 MB. I get a
>> Error Message from Roundcube, which tells me that the upload limit is 2MB.
>> This setting is definitely not from the php.ini, because with other php
>> Applications i can upload 10 Mb without any Problems. Also Roundcube has
>> excessive Memory usage with Attachements. In former Versions i was able to
>> upload bigger Attachments, but i got a Memory Limit Error from php(5 MB
>> produced a Memory usage of more than 70MB !!!). Sending with other Mail
>> Clients don't have Problems with bigger Attachments, so it must be a
>> Roundcube Problem.
> It's known issue and there's a patch for that in trac.  It definitely 
> must be fixed in future releases, but I don't know when.
>> But by the was, from where does Roundcube take the upload limit of 2 MB ?
>> It is surely not in the php.ini !
> maybe .htaccess

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