[RCU] SquirrelMail addressbook import

James E. Blair jeblair at berkeley.edu
Thu May 8 02:48:51 CEST 2008


At the University of California, Berkeley, we're looking at RoundCube
as a possible replacement for SquirrelMail, which we currently use as
our central campus webmail client.

We're going to operate the two clients side by side for a beta period
to help find (and fix!) problems as well as gather feedback from users
about RoundCube.

Some of our users have devoted considerable time to building their
address books in SquirrelMail, and so it is essential that we import
that data into RoundCube when we make the transition.  That's the easy
part.  But we also wanted to make the data available to any user that
wanted to try out RoundCube during the beta period.  To that end, we
have developed a one-way address-book import from SquirrelMail to
RoundCube.  Users will see an extra button in the AddressBook that
activates the import, and clicking that will perform the merge.

I don't think this code is appropriate to include in RoundCube itself,
in fact, we will remove it from our installation if we move completely
to RoundCube.  But I do think that if someone else is in the position
that we are in -- contemplating or performing a transition from
SquirrelMail to RoundCube -- it might be useful.  I'm attaching the
patch in case it is of use to anyone.


James E. Blair
Principal Email Systems Administrator
UC Berkeley - IST

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