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Le Thu, 08 May 2008 11:08:38 -0400,
Kanwar Ranbir Sandhu <m3freak at thesandhufamily.ca> a écrit :

> Hi All,
> Any patches floating around that will allow one to group messages by
> threads?  I'm subscribed to a lot of mail lists, and trying to read them
> with roundcube can be difficult.
> If threading is already support, someone please tell how to enable it (I
> haven't found any "group by thread" options).
> Regards,
> Ranbir

I've just suscribe to the ML for the same question. Sorry if i mist some previous conversation about this.
First of all, I would like congrats all the Devs for this great job. I was so tired of 1912 webmail style,
thanks RoundCube!

I don't know is there is a roadmap but here is my suggestions if they can help :
 * like Ranbir said, be able to sort by thread could be cool
 * Be able to shift message list head (subject /  date /  read or not) to sort like we like
 * Be able to add an "Action icon" like when I click on it, it moves the email on the "Junk" directory,
basically like the Delete button move emails to the trash
 * Get a preview email window like most of the email client do : instead to get the GUI divided by 2 columns
(menu and message list) split the second one with a horizontal bar to display the emails. OR, maybe a
javascript window who the first line of the email when you leave the mouse 2 seconds over the email subject? 

 I hope it could help to improve RCU, thanks & see you soon

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