[RCU] HTML editor: several issues

Colin Brace cb at lim.nl
Mon May 12 12:53:11 CEST 2008

Hi all,

I have been using RoundCube for a month or so and I like it very much. I
recently abandoned Gmail, and several things RC gets right that Google
doesn't: for one, it displays a text-only message with a monospace font and
it defaults to text-only when replying to text-only. Brilliant! I only wish
I could change the Courier font in the plain-text editor to the rather more
attractive monospace font used for display (Bitstream Vera Sans Mono, I

However, there are a couple of quirks in the HTML editor which make it less
than usable:

First, if you switch from HTML to text, it rewraps the entire text,
including the sig. This is one thing that Gmail handles without problem.
You can switch back and forth without screwing things paragraph breaks.

Second, when replying to HTML, it is impossible to edit the quoted
material. This not an issue with what I call Outlook-style replies, where
you top-post and quote the original in its entirety. But due to force of
habit, I prefer to bottom post and/or insert my comments between (selected)
quoted lines. But RC doesn't let you add an empty non-quoted line in the
quoted material. If you press Return, you simply get a empty quoted line,
even at the bottom, hence this style of reply is impossible

Finally, in the HTML editor, if I reply to someone who is replying to a
message I sent them, and they include my original quoted beneath the reply,
including my sig, my sig does not get appended anew. And it is impossible
to unquote the earlier sig; one can't "unquote" text in the HTML editor.

I hope that these are not insurrmountable issues and can be fixed soon.
Aside from the above, I am really impressed with RoundCube and eager to see
what enhancements are planned for the future.

  Colin Brace

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