[RCU] Problem with GMX (Hacking attempt)

David Baumann davidbaumann at gmx.de
Fri May 16 23:41:53 CEST 2008

Hello all. Firstly: I'm new to roundcube, but I guess I may say, i got
relatively good general knowledge about PCs.


I installed rcm. For my config, please see the attachment.

It runs without problems for some minutes, but then suddenly, the
webinterface is dead. When I try to reload, I get a white page after 2

When I try to download Mails with Outlook, it says connection denied or sth
like that, and "Hacking attempt, your IP has been locked for xxx minutes".

That Problem is reproducable, and after an IP change (manually or
automatically, like it's used here in Germany every night), it runs for some
minutes, then the same Problem.

The log only says sth. like "timeout in ...imap.inc".


 Thanks in advance for your help,


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