[RCU] fail login

Pilar Muñoz mpmugnoz at minervasf.es
Mon Nov 17 19:40:02 CET 2008

hi all,

May be it won´t be the rigth place to post this but i am new to mail 
I have installed a postfix + dovecot on a fedora machine ( it is a 
VMware Image, because i am afraid to do it in the production server 
before i knew what i am doing)
i am able to send mails, and it seems dovecot is running properly...
i am able to connect via telnet and i am logging with the username/ 
pasword of the accounts i have created. I thought they were imap user/ 
password aswell, but the roundcube interface doesn´t allow me to login.
Anyone could point me what i am doing wrong? I know it a very basic 
Any help would be great!!


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