[RCU] Logs of RoundCube (bad and good tries)

bessarabov ivan at bessarabov.ru
Mon Nov 17 21:08:21 CET 2008


Several thoughts:

 1. Write a small parser of apace access log.
   If there is just a POST to the root, there is the error
   If there is a POST to the root and the next url is /?_task=mail this
means that the login is successful

 Here is the example of the access_log. The first line is the error
attempt, and the 2 others are successful:
A.B.C.D - - [17/Nov/2008:22:57:57 +0300] "POST / HTTP/1.0" 200 1190
A.B.C.D - - [17/Nov/2008:22:58:05 +0300] "POST / HTTP/1.0" 302 26
A.B.C.D - - [17/Nov/2008:22:58:05 +0300] "GET /?_task=mail HTTP/1.0" 200

 2. The second way is to analyse logs of the imap server.
 3. The third way is to path RoundCube or whait for this logic to be
created (as you've got the answer from A.L.E.C that there's 'log_logins'
option, but no 'log_error_logins')

On Mon, 17 Nov 2008 19:38:36 +0100, David BERCOT <debian at bercot.org> wrote:

> I use RoundCube with Apache on Debian.
> I'd like to see all tries of connexion (especially the errors, but
> right connexions are needed too).
> I did not found this parameter in RoundCube's configuration.
> Do you have any clue ?

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