[RCU] Roundcube/apache crashing with segmentation faults

chasd chasd at silveroaks.com
Mon Dec 14 20:15:19 CET 2009

On Dec 12, 2009, at 1:02 PM, Dan Kirkpatrick wrote:

> I’ve setup roundcube and all dependencies fine.  Works fine for a  
> few minutes, then apache crashes with segmentation faults.
> If I disable roundcube (no index.php), apache stays stable.
> I’ve written a script to restart apache if it crashes, but it  
> segmentation faults right away after restart.
> I notice if ~/roundcube/.htaccess if memory_limit is < 64M it  
> crashes faster & more frequently.
> Any ideas where to look first?

Anything in the roundcube log ?
Can you turn on debugging in RC and look at the RC log ?

Charles Dostale
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