[RCU] Roundcube/apache crashing with segmentation faults

Daniel Black daniel at cacert.org
Tue Dec 15 05:48:58 CET 2009

On Sunday 13 December 2009 06:02:55 Dan Kirkpatrick wrote:
> I've setup roundcube and all dependencies fine.  Works fine for a few
>  minutes, then apache crashes with segmentation faults. If I disable
>  roundcube (no index.php), apache stays stable.
> I've written a script to restart apache if it crashes, but it segmentation
>  faults right away after restart. I notice if ~/roundcube/.htaccess if
>  memory_limit is < 64M it crashes faster & more frequently. Any ideas where
>  to look first?  Apache, roundcube, php, mysql?  I've tweaked some of the
>  memory settings to no avail.
> roundcubemail-0.3-stable.tar
> mysql-5.0.67-sol10-x86-local
> apache-2.2.14-sol10-x86-local

something like this could help:

basicly though a php script shouldn't crash a  webserver and if it does its a 
php/apache bug. Once you get the data try working with the packagers of 
apache/php to get a resolution.

Daniel Black
Infrastructure Administrator

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