[RCU] Usernames roundcube sends to servers

tobi tobster at brain-force.ch
Fri Dec 18 23:53:00 CET 2009


I got a problem with the loginnames that roundcube sends to the server
for authentication. It seems that the username given to roundcube on
loginscreen is processed with strtolower() to lower case and send to the
My user for example is user at domain.tld but I can login to roundcube as
well with UsEr at domain.tld which would never work in direct communication
with the server (for example with Thunderbird).
Is there a reason why roundcube lower-cases the usernames? If my user
would be User at domain.tld then the login in roundcube will always be
rejected as roundcube sends user at domain.tld which does NOT exist on the

Is there a setting in the conf to force roundcube to send the username
as given by the user without any forcing of lower-case?

Thanks for any help

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