[RCU] Usernames roundcube sends to servers

tobi tobster at brain-force.ch
Sat Dec 19 15:35:27 CET 2009

Am 19.12.2009 04:20, schrieb Steve Perkins:
> Pretty stupid thread.
> Everyone in the whole world knows that email addresses are case
> insensitive. Why on earth would case matter? 
> Thats like having two domains, www.xyz.com compared to Www.xyz.com
> Like I said, pretty stupid.
> xxx
The localpart of an email address can be case-sensitive. The domainpart
not.. For me it's more stupid if a client changes the given username
before sending it to a server ;-)
For me the best would be to lowercase the username only if the server
reject the login, but first it should be tried a given by the user
(because some users know what they do if they enter John instead of john)
> On Fri, 18 Dec 2009 17:12:36 -0800, Arne Berglund
> <aberglund at lesd.k12.or.us> wrote:
>> I do the force to lower case on my IMAP server (Dovecot). Users can
> enter
>> jdoe, Jdoe, JDoe or JDOE and all work. In my mind, the IMAP server is
> where
>> this should happen, not the client.
>> - 
>> Arne Berglund
>> System Administrator, Internet Services
>> Lane Education Service District
>> Eugene, OR
How you do this on dovecot? I have a Dovecot running too, but so far I
could not find a setting to lower-case loginnames before verify with
doveot/passwd. Is there such an easy setting in dvecot.conf? I mean
without "fighting" with the source and re-compile.

Thanks and regards

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