[RCU] Interleave HTML or Text

jknotzke at shampoo.ca jknotzke at shampoo.ca
Wed Feb 4 17:32:04 CET 2009


   I just installed Roundcube yesterday and am rather impressed. Nice work.

   I have a question regarding how to interleave replies, especially those
in HTML coming from GMail.

   When I hit reply, there is a blue line that runs to the end of the
message. If I interleave my replies in the original, there doesn't appear
to be a way to determine who is replying to what. What I was hoping was
that Roundcube's editor would drop the blue line where I am entering text
to indicate new comments. Instead, my replies are included with the last
reply. As a result, there is no way to determine who is replying to what..

   I looked at the generated HTML and I could rewrite it each time but I am
wondering if this was intended or a known issue ?

   When replying in text, it works better, however, previous replies are
treated as only one layer of replies. That is instead of adding ">>" for a
reply to a reply, it simply enters ">"..


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