[RCU] Ok I'm having trouble setting up ldap address books

Eden Caldas edencaldas at gmail.com
Thu Feb 12 19:47:35 CET 2009

It's on a VM so I'm not afraid to say passwords here.

Distro is Ubuntu 8.04.2
Installed slapd then I did dpkg-reconfigure and configured teste.org
Set admin password to 123456
backend and database are hdb
suffix          "dc=teste,dc=org"

I also installed phpldapadmin.
I can login with the admin account
I create and addressbook entry

dc=teste,dc=org (2)
|_cn=Eden Caldas

Eden Caldas is the addressbook entry.

I edit main.inc.php and uncoment the ldap lines.
I configure like this:

$rcmail_config['address_book_type'] = 'ldap';

$rcmail_config['ldap_public']['teste'] = array(
  'name'          => 'teste.org',
  'hosts'         => array('mail.teste.org'),
  'port'          => 389,
  'use_tls'        => false,
  'user_specific' => false,
  'base_dn'       => 'dc=teste,dc=org',
  'bind_dn'       => 'cn=admin,dc=teste,dc=org',
  'bind_pass'     => '123456',
  'writable'      => true,
  'LDAP_Object_Classes' => array("top", "inetOrgPerson"),
  'required_fields'     => array("cn", "sn", "mail"),
  'LDAP_rdn'      => 'mail',
  'ldap_version'  => 3,
  'search_fields' => array('mail', 'cn'),
  'name_field'    => 'cn',
  'email_field'   => 'mail',
  'surname_field' => 'sn',
  'firstname_field' => 'gn',
  'sort'          => 'cn',
  'scope'         => 'sub',
  'filter'        => '',
  'fuzzy_search'  => true);

When I log into roundcube and go to the address book  get only "teste.org"
showing in the groups field but nothing else.

Any thoughts?
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