[RCU] Problem with fsockopen() ?

Ariovaldo V Garcia garcia.av at gmail.com
Fri Feb 13 20:26:24 CET 2009

I encountered the following problem. I have installed roundcubemail in
Fedora8 machine. Everything seems to work. But the conection
with the IMAP server didn't happen. The error I got is:

Connecting to xxx.xxx.xxx...

Warning: fsockopen() [function.fsockopen]: unable to connect to
xxx.xxx.xxx:143 (Permission denied)
in/var/www/html/roundcubemail/program/lib/imap.inc on line 596
IMAP connect:  NOT OK(Could not connect to  xxx.xxx.xxx at port 143:
Permission denied)

I have verified the logs in the imap server and there is nothing
related to the conection. It seems that the problem is in the machine
where I put roundcubemail.

Any help?
Thank you
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