[RCU] Logout when password changes

omar.crea at thyme.it omar.crea at thyme.it
Wed Feb 18 14:45:18 CET 2009

Hi all, 
I add the changepassword plugin from the link below to my Roundcube

I need to logout after user change his password, so he can re-login with 
the new one. I want to show an alert popup, and when the user clicks the 
"OK" button, it will be redirected to the logout page. 
I tried to add this line to the "app.js" file:

case 'save_changepasswd':
if (changepasswd_check_input())
--->  alert(this.get_label('passwdconfirm'));  <---
--->  this.switch_task("logout");              <---

This actually works only when user inserts old and new password correctly.
But if the user 
inserts a wrong old password, the alert popup fires anyway, because this
script is called 
before testing submitted values with the db ones. 
My questions is: where can I insert the above commands to get the right

Thanks in advance. 
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