[RCU] Problem searching emails in a folder with special characters (à,á,ò,ó...)

Roger Castells i Barrancos rcastells at cesca.es
Fri Feb 20 12:11:47 CET 2009

Hi everybody,

I have the stable release of roundcube. I have a problem when I try to 
search emails in a folder name with characters like à,á,ò,ó,...

The problem is that in the 'tàs' folder for example, the http-request 
makes something like:
> (Request-Line)    GET 
> /?_task=mail&_action=search&_q=search_text&_mbox=t&_remote=1 HTTP/1.1
The mbox is 'tàs' and as you can see, the mbox field appears 't'. I 
think that the problem is in the charset, but in the code of the 
'search.inc' file I have changed the '$imap_charset' field. By default 
the imap_charset is set to UTF-8 and I have changed to 'ISO-8859-11', 
'ISO-8859-1', '8859-1', '8859-11' and nothing works.

Is possible that the problem goes with the navigator? I mean, I have 
changed the charset for the navigator too. But probably this change it's 
only for the text shown, and not for the http-request sent. Have this 
any sense?

Thank's in advance.

-- Roger Castells

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