[RCU] authenticate slow

Daniel Black daniel at cacert.org
Sun Jul 12 09:54:03 CEST 2009

>> what IMAP server?

And implementation?

>> What time does your login take - (FF YSlow plugin and others)?
>Nothing plugins

Rephrased - how long does it take the login pages to load? The Firefox YSlow 
plugin can assist timing this event.

> What time does a straight IMAP login take?
Rephrased - how long does a IMAP login take using a non-roundcube client?

> Are there any web server, RC or IMAP logs containing timing info/errors?
Look at the logs of these and work out where the slow points are. Is the 
program spending 5 seconds fetching IMAP data or is there some DNS timeout on 
which server and it reverts to a secondary entry.

Perhaps Xdebug profiler would help.

Daniel Black
Infrastructure System Administrator
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