[RCU] RoundCube failing on my shared-hosting MySQL database

Adam Seering aseering at MIT.EDU
Thu Jul 16 18:02:42 CEST 2009

I was playing with RoundCube in a shared-hosting environment, just to test
it.  I found that it was unable to connect to the MySQL database served by
the shared-hosting provider (I believe it reported an
authentication/connection failure in the setup panel; I can get the exact
message if it'd help, but the message was fairly generic).  If I took the
same install and pointed it at a MySQL database on a server that I control,
it works just fine; and I could connect to the database just fine with the
"mysql" command-line client.

There are only two differences from a stock MySQL server, for this
shared-hosting setup:  First, the user account doesn't have permission to
CREATE DATABASE (you have to go use their Web form; so I created the
database in advance).  Second, all database names are of the form
"[username]+[dbname]", ie., "foouser+roundcubedb" (you can do this in
normal MySQL, but of course it's not common).  I know that other webapps on
this server have trouble with the "+", and need to have it URL-encoded; but
none of the standard encodings worked here (and most of them caused it to
simply report "database not found").  Other than that, it is a normal MySQL
server; I've never had trouble connecting software to it.

Any pointers on how to debug?


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