[RCU] Unknown Server Error!

Jeff Ross jross at openvistas.net
Thu Jul 16 19:58:08 CEST 2009

I'm getting an Unknown Server Error in 0.2.2 whenever the screen refreshes.
I've enabled the trace debug level but so far all I'm getting is dovecot
messages to syslog:

2009-07-16 11:16:11.343466500 mail.info: Jul 16 11:16:11 dovecot: imap-login:
Login: user=<jross>, method=PLAIN, rip=, lip=, secured
2009-07-16 11:16:11.351883500 user.info: Jul 16 11:16:11 roundcube:
[16-Jul-2009 11:16:35 -0600]: * OK Dovecot ready.
2009-07-16 11:16:11.351897500 Tried PLAIN: Resource id #52
2009-07-16 11:16:11.351905500
2009-07-16 11:16:11.762970500 mail.info: Jul 16 11:16:11 dovecot: IMAP(jross):
Disconnected: Logged out bytes=325/3301

So far as I can tell, RC is working just fine.  I can send, receive, and I've
imported all of my contacts as one .vcf file.

I'd appreciate any clues in tracking this down--I know the users aren't going
to happy with that error message in red popping onto the screen every minute
or so.

Alternatively, can I easily disable the error message?


Jeff Ross

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