[RCU] Is it possible to install different Roundcube versions at the same time ?

Joshua Kordani on the Road jkordani at intlogsys.com
Thu Jul 16 20:04:09 CEST 2009

Denis BUCHER wrote:
> Hello,
> chasd a écrit :
>> On Jul 16, 2009, at 12:00 PM, Denis BUCHER wrote:
>>> Is it possible, or will there be some problem with the mysql  
>>> database ?
>> mysqldump the existing database, create a new database using a  
>> different name, load the dumped data into the new database. Point the  
>> testing RC instance at the " testing " database.
>> I always use a testing DB populated with data similar to my live  
>> database for running testing instances against. Any project, not just  
>> RC.
> That's a good idea ! But what will happen if after having tested with my
> account I want to use the "old version" again ?
> In fact I should ask : "What is stored in the RC mysql database" ?
> Because all data should be on the IMAP server, isn't it ?
> Thanks a lot for your help :-)
> Denis
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In a testing environment, it is commonly understood that you have a 
separate slice of the sets of components what you want to test.

in this example, you are testing a new version of roundcube, hosted on a 
separate port(or directory) of apache (or on a separate machine), a 
separate database instance in mysql.  The imap backend stays the same, 
so you don't replicate that.

Since roundcube (on the user end) is similar to a mail client, it only 
stores an address book for users that use roundcubes address book, and 
possibly other user preferences.  Since it does not store mail, once you 
are done testing, simply delete the web hosted instance, delete the 
database you made for the test, and clean up any links or user knowledge 
of the testing envorinoment.  And have a nice day!

Josh K

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