[RCU] Is it possible to install different Roundcube versions at the same time ?

Denis BUCHER dbucherml at hsolutions.ch
Thu Jul 16 20:45:07 CEST 2009

Hello Joshua,

Joshua Kordani on the Road a écrit :
>>>> Is it possible, or will there be some problem with the mysql 
>>>> database ?
>>> mysqldump the existing database, create a new database using a 
>>> different name, load the dumped data into the new database. Point
>>> the  testing RC instance at the " testing " database.
>>> I always use a testing DB populated with data similar to my live 
>>> database for running testing instances against. Any project, not
>>> just  RC.
>> That's a good idea ! But what will happen if after having tested with my
>> account I want to use the "old version" again ?
>> In fact I should ask : "What is stored in the RC mysql database" ?
>> Because all data should be on the IMAP server, isn't it ?

> In a testing environment, it is commonly understood that you have a
> separate slice of the sets of components what you want to test.
> in this example, you are testing a new version of roundcube, hosted on a
> separate port(or directory) of apache (or on a separate machine), a
> separate database instance in mysql.  The imap backend stays the same,
> so you don't replicate that.
> Since roundcube (on the user end) is similar to a mail client, it only
> stores an address book for users that use roundcubes address book, and
> possibly other user preferences.  Since it does not store mail, once you
> are done testing, simply delete the web hosted instance, delete the
> database you made for the test, and clean up any links or user knowledge
> of the testing envorinoment.  And have a nice day!

Ok thanks a lot for your explanations, I was supposing most of it, but
it's a lot better to have a confirmation with full details as you did,
that's very nice... I hope it will also help others...

A last question :

My current version is roundcubemail-0.1.1 and I'm gonna install
roundcubemail-0.2.2. Do you think I can keep the "old" mysql database,
will 0.2.2 understand/be compatible with the old (0.1.1) database ? (Of
course I will try, just to have your opinion)

Thanks a lot for your help

Have a nice (replace with whichever time of the day it is for you :
evening/day/night) :-)

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