[RCU] Is it possible to install different Roundcube versions at the same time ?

Steve Perkins expendable at sgperkins.org
Thu Jul 16 21:35:00 CEST 2009

Theres a file in the roundcube root directory called UPGRADING ...

On Thu, 16 Jul 2009 21:19:41 +0200, Denis BUCHER <dbucherml at hsolutions.ch>
> Joshua Kordani on the Road a écrit :
>>>> As for if the databases are the same, do a diff of the SQL  
>>>> initialization files from each of the RC versions to see if anything  
>>>> in the schema changed.
>>> Yes and no, they could be the same as the schema, but the data
>>> could be different... Well anyway, I think the best is to test :-))
>> Don't quote me, but I think upgrade instructions include a script to 
>> update an existing db.  I am eventually looking to do my own upgrade 
>> from 0.1 to latest, and I think I saw that somewhere.
> Ok that's nice, I'll look for it...
>> Good luck!
>> Feel free to post your findings ;-)
> Yes of course, nothing is worse than finding questions without answers,
> I will try to post the results here :-)
>> and its lunch time out here in gmt -6
> Here it's a little more than dinner time (GMT -1)
> So have a nice afternoon :-)
> Denis
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