[RCU] Is it possible to install different Roundcube versions at the same time ?

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On Fri, Jul 17, 2009 at 1:38 AM, Denis BUCHER <dbucherml at hsolutions.ch>wrote:

> Steve Perkins a écrit :
> > Theres a file in the roundcube root directory called UPGRADING ...
> Yes I confirm everything is there and very clear, sorry for asking the
> obvious :-)
> BTW there are even scripts to upgrade the files and script to update the
>  database...
> And thanks a lot for pointing it...
> Denis
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Hello all,

I had tried  upgrading from 1.1beta to 2.2 some time back. I have a public
production server with a few hundred accounts. 1.1  has a vulnerability and
is prone to hacking. My site was hacked twice and then only I started
investigating and found that it is my own blunder in not upgrading.

But the straight upgrade seems to have some problems. Somewhere along the
line, the upgrade process flushes the message table, with the result your
message list in the DB become null. I dont know what the implications are,
so I just left it at that. I did not proceed. Agreed, the imap server will
not be flushed, but I am unsure of the consequences. Since this is a
production server, I did not want to take chances. Yes, I did sqldump  and
worked with a separate database etc.

If you pull this off, please let us know the problems that you face if any.


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