[RCU] 0.3-RC1 install problem

Bgs bgs at bgs.hu
Wed Jul 29 13:55:27 CEST 2009

Additional info: changing the url manually from step1 to step2 seems to
work. The actual install worked fine and the installed rc looks to be
working fine too. Probably the problem is only in step1.


Bgs wrote:
>  Greeings,
> I'm doing a new roundcube install and opted to try the 0.3 branch. My
> problem is that both the beta and the RC1 stops at the check phase (step
> 1). It might or might not be related to php 5.3. My main problem is that
> there is no error whatsoever in any of the logs...
> The page loads:
> Checking PHP version
> Version:  OK(PHP 5.3.0 detected)
> Checking PHP extensions
> The following modules/extensions are required to run RoundCube:
> DOM:  OK
> Session:  OK
> The next couple of extensions are optional but recommended to get the
> best performance:
> FileInfo:  OK
> Libiconv:  OK
> Then it's done with a 200.
> Any ideas? Is this a php 5.3 problem? Should I simply stick with 0.2?
> Thanks in advance
> Bgs
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