[RCU] Default Identity Issue: user at www.domain.com

Jon me at jonwatson.ca
Tue May 5 21:59:37 CEST 2009

Hi All,

I'm having an issue with an RC install on an ISPConfig system.

When a new ISPConfig user is created, and that user logs into RC for the 
first time (auto-create is set to yes), that user's default identity in 
RC is user at www.domain.com.

I don't mean that literally, the user and domain.com are replaced with 
the correct user and domain, but the 'www' appears. For those people who 
have their mail going to a different server than their web, this means 
that emails go out with incorrect from addresses set in them. It would 
be nice if everyone set their identities first, but they don't.

I see a patch in the RC Trac from 2 years ago that forces new users to 
set their identities at first log in, but I'm hoping that something more 
intuitive or automatic has been introduced since then.

I am very willing to accept that the reason RC is doing this is because 
of the way my Postfix is configured so if that is the case, please feel 
free to give me any information on what I may need to do there as well. 
Or at least tell me that's where the problem lies so I can go muck 
around with Postfix.

Any help is appreciated.


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