[RCU] roundcube causes server high load with apache

Philip Iezzi lists at iezzi.ch
Thu May 28 17:07:47 CEST 2009


I've just encountered a similar performance issue which I have never  
noticed on earlier Roundcube versions up to 0.2.1. One single PHP  
process was hanging for a looooong time (don't remember, but must have  
been 5min+, might as well have been hanging for hours). I was killing  
this process and it was gone, no other processes hanging.

here's my current setup (https://webmail.onlime.ch/):
- Roundcube 0.2.2
- Debian Lenny 5.0.1
- Apache 2.2.9
- PHP 5.2.9 (patched with Suhosin 0.9.7 + module 0.9.27 enabled)
- PHP running as CGI under Apache's SuExec

Before killing the process I checked /proc/<PID>/environ to figure out  
it was Roundcube. If any Roundcube developer is interested in my  
environment variables, I can send you the whole output of /proc/<PID>/ 
environ off-list. I don't like to post it here for privacy/security  
Just some information that might help:

HTTP_USER_AGENT=Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; PPC Mac OS X; de-de)  
AppleWebKit/523.12.2 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/3.0.4 Safari/523.12.2

We are talking about a very low volume Roundcube installation, usually  
just 5-10 mails sent per day. It's running on a 2x Xeon Quad Core  
E5405 2,00GHz / 8GB RAM machine, a powerful server that has a load  
average of 0.2
So far, that's the first time I noticed such weird behavior with  
Roundcube. I hope it's nothing serious. Good luck in bughunting! thx

Take care

On 28.05.2009, at 07:31, Andrey wrote:

> Hello,
> I've recently installed Roundcube 0.2.2 for our users on 1024 RAM with
> 3Mhz cpu server. But the problem was appearing with high server load.
> According to the logs we have about 700 messages sent everyday and  
> about
> 3500 successfull and not sucessfull logins. In the period of all day
> load is increasing and after midnight it can be about 9 and it  
> caused by
> Apache processes. That is very strange because in that period almost  
> all
> users are sleep and we have only few logins and sent messages. This is
> only one virtual host running on the host. I've tried to use Debian  
> Etch
> and Lenny.
> Aslso I can confirm that after apache restarting high load goes down  
> to
> 0.2-0.4 but then starts to increase slowly again. So as the temporary
> solution I use "apache restart" instead "apache reload" in logrotate  
> config.
> I guess the problem is in Roundcube somewhere?
> Dear RC developers. So can you comment this situation? Why it can  
> happen?
> Thanks.
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