[RCU] New Messages Don't Appear

Raul Acevedo raul at cantara.com
Tue Oct 27 18:36:22 CET 2009

I have the same problem.  I am using dovecot 1.2.6 on Fedora 11 x86_64,
typically with Firefox 3.5.  I already have caching disabled in
main.inc.php, and I only ever see Roundcube show new messages if I manually
refresh the window or click on Inbox.  This used to work fine before 0.3.

Raul Acevedo

On Tue, 27 Oct 2009 12:07:52 -0400, Charlie Hazlett <charlie at hazlett.net>
> I have the same problem. Not a huge problem but RC has never acted like
> this before and should not act like this now. 
> On Tue, 27 Oct 2009
> 14:26:03 +0100, Claudio Kuenzler  wrote:  
> Hi Carlos,
> I'm seeing almost
> the same behavior... do the new messages appear after you hit "F5" in
> browser? That does it for me. 
> But I agree, it is a strange behavior which
> didn't occur to me in 0.2.x, only since 0.3. Maybe there has been a
> in the coming release 0.3.1 ?
>  Anybody got more info?
> cheers,
> Claudio
>  On
> Tue, Oct 27, 2009 at 2:14 PM, Carlos Williams  wrote:
>  I have upgraded my
> install of RC from 0.2.1 to the latest stable 0.3.x
>  and now I notice that
> when I login to my IMAP account via RC, I show
>  no new messages even though
> I know there are 20 new messages on the
>  server. I don't have any other
> clients connected to the server like
>  Thunderbird or Outlook but I do know
> from checking on the mail server
>  directly that there are 20 new messages.
> I click the "Check for new
>  messages" icon in the web interface and noting
> new pops in at all. I
>  know its trying to check because I see the message
> window flash above
>  the screen very quickly each time I press the "Check
> for new messages"
>  icon. So no new messages flow in. I then open an old
> message
>  completely. Then when I go back to my message list window, all my
> new
>  messages appear. I don't understand why this is happening? It happens
> on my work and home PC which leads me to believe it is a system issue
>  with
> RC, not my cached browser.
>  I did a fresh install from 0.2.1 > 0.3-stable
> on my server so I don't
>  think I did anything wrong.
>  Can someone please
> help me understand what causes this problem? It's
>  extremely annoying!
> -Carlos
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