[RCU] Deleting Messages

Jeff Grossman jeff at stikman.com
Tue Sep 8 20:45:55 CEST 2009

On Tue, 08 Sep 2009 11:38:13 -0700, Jeff Grossman <jeff at stikman.com>
> I am running version 3 and think it is great.  I want to thank everybody
> involved on a great release.  But, I do have one issue.  Maybe it is a
> configuration issue, not sure.  I have my messages sorted by date.  I
> 30 messages per page.  If I am on any page besides page 1 and delete a
> message, it will return me back to page 1 of the list instead of back to
> the page I was on.  Version 2 did not have this problem.
> Thinking about it now this might have to do with the new config option
> show the next message on a delete.  I have it set to not show me the
> message on a delete.

Actually, I just tried just hitting the arrow to take me back to the
message list and it returns me to page 1 also.  So, I guess it has nothing
to do with the delete config but just has to do with returning to the
message list will always return you to page 1.

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