[RCU] Empty Messge Body

Keith Schonrock peridoc77 at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 29 21:59:40 CEST 2009

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> If a message has only a HTML part and no plain text part, then the  
> message may appear to be empty in RC. If you have configured TB to  
> show HTML in messages, then the " problem " messages will appear to  
> have content.
> If you come across one of the " blank " messages, I recommend looking  
> to see if there is a HTML part to it.
> Look for the " HTML Message " with a paper clip icon.
> Or click the " view source " button to see the guts of the message.

You appear to be correct with the specific message that I have in my email right now.  There is only an HTML portion to the email.  I understand that it is not really RoundCube's fault that the email is not multi-part, but shouldn't RC try to display the email instead of putting up a blank page with no way to view the message at all?  If you assumed HTML at that point and at least printed the contents to the preview pane at least you would be able to see some usable information from the email.  Maybe the issue is more complex than that, but some portion of the message would be better than none to me.

I guess the only way around this is to view these messages in another mail client, right?

Thanks for the information.

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