[RCU] Empty Messge Body

Keith Schonrock peridoc77 at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 30 04:23:32 CEST 2009

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> There is a " Display HTML " in the " DIsplaying Messages " pane of "  
> Personal Preferences " that may do what you want.
> Of course I belong to that subversive faction of the Internet that  
> believes HTML e-mail messages are the work of the Devil, so . . .

I hear you.  I prefer plain text when sending out any mail, but I have relented when receiving mail and don't mind HTML mail (when I can read it, of course!).

I looked at that "Display HTML" setting and it was already set.  Interesting thing is when I deselect it, I get text for the message that is in question.  When I have the Display HTML option on there is only blank space.  Ugh...other HTML messages work, so I am sure it is just something going on with this and the few that do this in RC.  Since they show up in Thunderbird it would be nice that they do the same in RC, but maybe it is not meant to be.


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