[RCU] virtuser_file broke in 3706?

Arne Berglund aberglund at lesd.k12.or.us
Thu Jun 3 20:53:03 CEST 2010

I'm not certain when it stopped working, but I noticed that the
virtuser_file plugin that was working fine last time I tested is not
working at all now. I even went so far as to check out a new SVN copy,
built a brand new database, and the only plugin enabled is
virtuser_file. Still no luck. I have the plugin set to pull from a local
file on the system. As I said, I know that this worked a short time ago,
perhaps 2 weeks back? 

Can anyone else confirm this, either yes or no?
We were planning to move totally from squirrelmail to RC at the end of
July, but since we provide email to 13 different domains via virtusers,
and the the new_user_identity plugin can't grab the email address from
LDAP, this plugin is an absolute must have function for our move and
on-going as well. 

Arne Berglund
System Administrator, Internet
Lane Education Service District
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