[RCU] virtuser_file broke in 3706?

Benny Pedersen me at junc.org
Fri Jun 4 19:42:31 CEST 2010

On Fri 04 Jun 2010 07:11:16 PM CEST, Arne Berglund wrote
> set to either '0' or '2', it works. But if set to '1' or '3' it does
> not.

so with 0 and 2 it works, but then you at the same time accept forged senders

> I'm pretty certain that this behavior has changed at some point, as I
> have (to my knowledge) never allowed the addresses to be user-editable.
> Any other thoughts on this?

postfix rewrite alias before content filters, this solves for me that  
i can stick to one login in rc and users can still get all email to  
this mailbox, no rc screewup needed :=)

the virtual in rc is just fill the missing mta work imho



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