[RCU] Slow loading of messages

Kristof Bajnok bajnokk at niif.hu
Tue Jun 22 16:55:53 CEST 2010

On Tuesday 22 June 2010 15.56.02 A.L.E.C wrote:
> > Is it possible to disable sorting as a whole? I thought an empty
> > message_sort_col was meant to do this.
> Works for me. List view mode = List, Sorting column = None. SORT is not 
> executed. I cannot help you without the log.

There are two distinct issues. One is that SORT sucks on courier imap for 
whatever reason. The other is that I can not disable sorting in RC, as it's 
shown up in the logs.

[I've got hard time cleaning up the related lines of the logs together 
because it's having a moderate load. However if I manually copy the C: lines 
to an imap connection (telnet), I can see long delay only after the SORT 

So the RC-related problem is: why does it keep sorting messages, even if I 
click on 'save' after setting 'None' sorting? To be precise, 'None' is in 
effect during the session but is restored to 'Date' on subsequent logins. 
And why is not "None" the default, as suggested by the comment above 
$rcmail_config['message_sort_col'] = ''; ?

[I know, you most probably want the SQL logs now, which I'm not able to 
provide at the moment. Meanwhile you may have an idea about what's going 
wrong, until I can prepare them.]

Thanks for your help.

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