[RCU] 0.4beta SVN managesieve

Luca Corti luca at fantacast.it
Sat Jun 26 01:49:38 CEST 2010


I've upgraded from 0.4beta to SVN (branches/release-0.4-beta) to see if
my problems with creating redirect rules were solved.

The managesieve plugin refuses to load, probably needs updating.
Disabling rcube_parse_host makes it load, i guess this was broken by
roundcube changes.

--- managesieve/managesieve.php (revision 3785)
+++ managesieve/managesieve.php (working copy)
@@ -62,7 +62,7 @@
         require_once($this->home . '/lib/Net/Sieve.php');
         require_once($this->home . '/lib/rcube_sieve.php');
-        $host =
+        $host =
$this->rc->config->get('managesieve_host', 'localhost');
         $port = $this->rc->config->get('managesieve_port', 2000);
         // try to connect to managesieve server and to fetch the script

I guess this needs to be fixed properly, I removed it for testing

Once loaded, I can create filter sets, and delete rules but not redirect
rules. When creating one I specify the folder in which to redirect the
message and click save, the rule creation page is redisplayed with the
folder selection dropdown replaced by a free text input box with a
yellow background.

No errors in logs/error, logs/sieve tells:

[26-Jun-2010 01:30:28 +0200]: S: "IMPLEMENTATION" "Dovecot"
[26-Jun-2010 01:30:28 +0200]: S: "SIEVE" ""
[26-Jun-2010 01:30:28 +0200]: S: "SASL" "PLAIN"
[26-Jun-2010 01:30:28 +0200]: S: "STARTTLS"
[26-Jun-2010 01:30:28 +0200]: S: "VERSION" "1.0"
[26-Jun-2010 01:30:28 +0200]: S: OK "Dovecot ready."
[26-Jun-2010 01:30:28 +0200]: C: CAPABILITY
[26-Jun-2010 01:30:28 +0200]: S: "IMPLEMENTATION" "Dovecot"
[26-Jun-2010 01:30:28 +0200]: S: "SIEVE" ""
[26-Jun-2010 01:30:28 +0200]: S: "SASL" "PLAIN"
[26-Jun-2010 01:30:28 +0200]: S: "STARTTLS"
[26-Jun-2010 01:30:28 +0200]: S: "VERSION" "1.0"
[26-Jun-2010 01:30:28 +0200]: S: OK "Capability completed."
[26-Jun-2010 01:30:28 +0200]: C: AUTHENTICATE "PLAIN" "[SNIPPED]"
[26-Jun-2010 01:30:28 +0200]: S: OK "Logged in."
[26-Jun-2010 01:30:28 +0200]: C: LISTSCRIPTS
[26-Jun-2010 01:30:28 +0200]: S: ".dovecot.sieve" ACTIVE
[26-Jun-2010 01:30:28 +0200]: S: OK "Listscripts completed."
[26-Jun-2010 01:30:28 +0200]: C: GETSCRIPT ".dovecot.sieve"
[26-Jun-2010 01:30:28 +0200]: S: {586}
[26-Jun-2010 01:30:28 +0200]: S: # Sieve Filter
[26-Jun-2010 01:30:28 +0200]: S: OK "Getscript completed."
[26-Jun-2010 01:30:28 +0200]: C: LOGOUT
[26-Jun-2010 01:30:28 +0200]: S: OK "Logout completed."

Seems OK to me, and also the new rule creation is not even attempted, so
I guess the issues are not in the rc/dovecot managesieve dialogue.

Any ideas? Should this be reported to someone else since it seems a
problem with the managesieve plugin?



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