[RCU] RC 0.7 and LDAP groups filter problem

Andreas Dick andudi at gmx.ch
Fri Dec 30 11:38:46 CET 2011

Am Donnerstag, 29. Dezember 2011, 18.12:30 schrieb Ismail YENIGUL:
> Hi,
> I am testing roundcube 0.7-stable. I configured LDAP Adressbook with the
> following groups properties:
>   'groups'        => array(
>      'base_dn'     => 'dc=mydomain',
>      'filter'      => '(objectClass=rmailGroup)',
>      'object_classes' => array("top", "mailGroup"),
>      'member_attr'  => 'rfc822member',   // name of the member
> attribute, e.g. uniqueMember
>      'name_attr'    => 'cn',       // attribute to be used as group name
>    ),
what is now your correct objectClass? rmailGroup or mailGroup?

> I can see the users and groups emails in address book but not group
> members. When i click on group no member listed.
> After enabling rouncube debug, I saw the following LDAP query. It seems
> that RC users full dn as a filter value.
yes. this is how the groupOfNames structure works.

> [29-Dec-2011 17:20:55 +0200]: C: Search
> [(|(member=uid=user at test.com,ou=test.com,o=mail,dc=mydomain)(uniqueMember=ui
> d=user at test.com,ou=test.com,o=mail,dc=mydomain)(*rfc822member=uid=user at test.
> com,ou=test.com,o=mail,dc=mydomain*))][dn: dc=mydomain]
> But the filter value must be username not full dn as above.
maybe in the group implementation of your server, but not in the one 
implemented in RC today.

> Any idea?
Now, my questions are:
- what server do you use?
- do you control this server? or are you just user of it?
- if you set it up, is this mailGroup someting like a standard?
- how do your schema look like?
	-> how is objectClass=rmailGroup defined?
	-> how is rfc822member defined... is it based on member?
- can you please give us an output of ldapsearch with a group object as 

just to be correct: I am not a LDAP prof, I have just the knowledge about my 
homebrew openLDAP server and its standard classes/schemas... but maybe other 
servers are verry different and we have to improve the behaviour of RC?
On the other hand I am not willing to adapt RC for all proprietary and 
undocumented group implementations out in the real (comercial) world!


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