[RCU] Login with tool virtuser_query don't work

Jörg Sitek - hns Joerg.Sitek at hns-berlin.de
Wed Feb 9 17:28:17 CET 2011

Hi all,

I have installed roundcube 0.5 and it works very well, but at the moment only with the imap login credentials. I have another mysql database with all active email addresses and imap login names.

So i activate the plugin "virtuser_qery" and add the line
$rcmail_config['virtuser_query'] = 'SELECT owner FROM d100006_mailadmin.virtual WHERE address = "%u"';
to my main.inc.php file.

I have also activated the sql logging, but all sql query's i can see goes to the roundcube database. my other database would not be asked. :(

my table structure:
owner = IMAP login name (maybe adam_01)
address = email address (maybe adam at email.de)

Hope you could help me. I can't find any useful information in the web.

Have a nice day,

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