[RCU] attached files lost in 0.5 stable

邓卫华 dengwh at bestcheer.com
Wed Feb 23 03:31:47 CET 2011


Hi all, 

today, i have receive a email,that contains the two docs
as the attached files.(word document), and tha's is a forward message
from my co-wrok. but it can not display the attached files in RCU
0.5STABLE. (test twice). same email, he has cc to my other email
address(non corporation mail server), tha's ok, it's display the
attached files in webmail. so i think, that's a bug in RCU 0.5 stable.

the attached file is the source of the email. 


Best Cheer
(XiaMen) Stone Works CO.,LTP.
Phone: 0592-7221600

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