[RCU] Emails threads like gmail

Алексей Сундуков public-mail at alekciy.ru
Tue Mar 1 22:43:14 CET 2011

Greate thanks! I turn on "Threads" (in russian interfaсe "Обсуждения"
and I think that this is the wrong translation) in "List view mode"
and now inbox view like gmail. But I not see sending mails in thread,
only incoming mails. RC can view all (in/out) mail in thread? How turn
on thread view by default view for all mail accounts?

2011/3/1  <ben at electricembers.net>:
>> I see subscribe archives, but not understand RC support email threads
>> or not? I use $rcmail_config['autoexpand_threads'] = 1 but nothing
>> happens.
>> "Threaded message listing" in main RC page that mean?
> You've got to choose threaded view for any given folder. Either under
> "Manage Folders" or in viewing the message list of that mailbox, click the
> cute litle icon that looks like a settings dialog dropping down, which
> it does ;) next to the Subject column header.
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