[RCU] problem with the managesieve plugin

Carsten Uppenbrink carsten at uppenbrink.net
Mon Mar 7 13:40:41 CET 2011


 i have a problem with the managesieve plugin. When I add a filter to a 
 filter set and then select action as setflag, sddflag, removeflag, can I 
 save this filter. This filter set works fine with dovecot.  But I can't 
 add another filter.
 In roundcube shows up „Unable to save filter. Server error occured“.
 The logs contain „[07-Mar-2011 13:10:06] test.roundcube: line 1: error: 
 require command: unknown Sieve capability 'imapflags'. test.roundcube: 
 line 5: error: unknown command 'removeflag' (only reported once at first 
 occurence). test.roundcube: error: validation failed. (3): „

 require ["imap4flags"];
 # rule:[TEST]
 if header :contains "Subject" "TEST"
         setflag "\\Seen";

 I am using roundcube r4591 and as IMAP server Dovecot 1.2.16.
 Is this a bug and/or how i can solve this problem ?

 Thanks, Regards,

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