[RCU] Sessions and database storage

Rafael Arco Arredondo rafaarco at ugr.es
Mon Mar 21 09:09:28 CET 2011

Hello everyone:

I have a question about alternatives to save session information on
files instead of on the database. A.L.E.C says at
http://lists.roundcube.net/mail-archive/users/2010-10/0000025.html that
it would be enough to modify the rcube_session class? And my question
is: would it be just enough to comment out lines 52-28 (where
session_set_save_handler is invoked)? Would it be necessary to change
any of the other public methods, or any functions/method on different
files other than rcube_session.php?

I need this because I have a huge number of users and keeping the
session information, which is modified at every single click performed
on the user interface, on a single database instance seems not a
reasonable solution. The other option would be a database cluster, but
that, I guess, is a complex approach and I would prefer something more

Besides, it would be great if this possibility was added as a
configuration parameter. I am sure more people can have this issue as

Thanks in advance and best regards,


Rafael Arco Arredondo
Centro de Servicios de Informática y Redes de Comunicaciones
Universidad de Granada

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