[RCU] Question about hw specs for roundcube

Javier Miguel Rodríguez javierdemiguel at us.es
Tue Mar 22 16:18:55 CET 2011

> with 1500 concurrent users you mean 1500 different users connected to
> the web interface at the same instant? if so you will need more than a
> single web server and, perhaps, also a mysql cluster on different hosts
> than the web servers. (also don't forget to use imapproxy to avoid to
> start/stop imap connections every click of the user)
     Our server has 12 GB and ram & 1 quad core cpu (Intel i7 Nehalem), 
SAS RAID 1+0 BBWC. That should be enough to handle  that load, we are 
asking for real-world experience about this.

     We are going to use jmeter to simulate load anyway, does anybody 
have real-world experience with this kind of load?



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