[RCU] Can`t login the first time

Диимыч dimitri.pekarovsky at gmail.com
Mon May 2 22:25:48 CEST 2011


I`m sorry for the stupid question. Spend about 4 hours for that and still in
the same place.

I have dovecot+postfix installed and correctly configured. I`ve checked all (3)
users and sending/receiving mail through standalone client.

Then I`ve installed roundcube 0.5.2. After DB (mysql) setup and
running through configuration wizard, I`ve did there imap and smtp tests, and
they are successfull.

But now I

1. don`t see any roundcube logs anywhere. I tryed 'syslog' and 'file' in
main.inc. Nothing shows also in apache and dovecot logs.

2. cannot login with my username and login

temp and logs folders permissions are 0777 chmod`ed for now, also installation
wizard shows that permissions are OK.

Any suggestions are welcome.

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