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Wed May 4 02:47:57 CEST 2011

Not to worry - it seems I had a type which I have now found - it does work!!


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Hi there,

I have an installation of roundcube v0.4.2 which I upgraded in January this year 
from v0.3

In the main.inc.php file, I have specified both an 'sql' address book as well as 
an 'ldap' addressbook.

When autocompleting, if I select just the 'ldap' addressbook, contacts 
autocomplete fine, however when I select the 'sql' option, only the sql contacts 
are complete and none of the ldap contacts.


$rcmail_config['address_book_type'] = 'sql';
$rcmail_config['ldap_public']['SCHOOL'] = array(       etc.....
$rcmail_config['autocomplete_addressbooks'] = array('sql',  'SCHOOL');

With this configuration, only the sql address book is auto-completed.

If I specify:
$rcmail_config['address_book_type'] = 'ldap';

then it all works fine except for the fact that there is no Personal Address 
book available.

If I specify:
$rcmail_config['autocomplete_addressbooks'] = array('SCHOOL', 'sql');

there is no change

and if I specify:
$rcmail_config['autocomplete_addressbooks'] = array('SCHOOL');

then the weirdest thing happens - it ONLY autocompletes from the sql contacts 
still ????

I also tried:
$rcmail_config['autocomplete_addressbooks'] = array('sql',  'ldap');
but this didn't change anything either.

Any thoughts/hints?

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