[RCU] Problem with address book

Marcel de Haas marcel at bommelhaas.nl
Thu Nov 3 15:08:39 CET 2011

Also I just realized auto-complete is not working on my install.

On 03.11.2011 13:24, Marcel de Haas wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm having some trouble with the address book in RoundCube 0.6. I 
> have
> been looking for the answer -of which I'm sure there already is- on
> different resources. The problem is as follows. Contacts which are 
> not
> in a contactgroup are not displayed in the address book. At first I
> thought this was by design, but adding addresses for automatic 
> display
> of inline images also stores contacts without a group. This resulted 
> in
> a lot of double addresses in the contacts table of the database.
> Updating these contacts to be in a contactgroup revealed the 
> addresses
> and the images are then shown without a warning. What should I do to 
> fix
> this, or rather: where can I find the answer.
> Best regards,
> Marcel

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