[RCU] vacation plugin with ldap environment

Andreas Cieslak andreas at kado-web.de
Fri Nov 25 13:01:47 CET 2011

Hi list,


i try to setup the vacation plugin 1.9.9 with the setuid driver.

I have chosen this method because I've successfully  installed a
vacation-plugin with this squirrelmail_vacation_proxy for squirrelmail with

There everything worked fine.

Now I configured this plugin for roundcube and got some problems with the
ldap users.

Local system users can use this plugin without problems, but my ldap users

The following error appears only with ldap users:

  PHP Error: Vacation plugin: /usr/bin/squirrelmail_vacation_proxy is not
configured for user "www-data".<br/> Check config.mk in
plugins/vacation/extra/vacation_binary. in
/home/roundcubemail-0.6/plugins/vacation/lib/setuid.class.php on line 0 (GET


I checked the file config.mk and set the user to www-data. Then I started
make and after make install. But the same error appears when I try to go to
the vacation plugin after login with a ldap user.

With the system user everything is fine.


Has anybody some hints?


Or should I change to the other vacation plugin from Boris Huisgen
"rc-vacation-0.4-13" for a openldap environment?




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