[RCU] change mail_home directory

Mohamed Salah Meddeb medsalah.meddeb at yahoo.fr
Tue Nov 29 09:57:43 CET 2011

HI all,
I've updated my roundcube webmail, from 0.3 to 0.6.
in roundcube0.3 there was a config routine imap_routine where I've mentioned the mail_home directory, in mycase '/home/login/mail.mail' : 
$rcmail_config['imap_root'] = 'mail';  

in roundecube0.6 that routine was changed by $rcmail_config['imap_ns_personal'] 

but it doesn't work, the new mail_home is under the directory '/home/login/mail/'

PLZ, how can I force roundecube to write in the folder /home/login/mail/mail
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