[RCU] upgardation issue

J. Bakshi joydeep at infoservices.in
Wed Sep 7 08:16:58 CEST 2011

Dear list,

I am running rc -0.4-beta and want to upgrade it to 0.5.4

I found the following instruction at the upgrade manual

` ` ` `
1. Replace index.php and all files in
   - ./bin/
   - ./SQL/
   - ./program/
   - ./installer/
   - ./skins/default/
   - ./plugins/
` ` ` `

As I understand I needs to copy all above from the latest source to the
running installation. Do I need to *replace*  or *overwrite* ??
I already have some plugins installed at the /plugins/ hence the
replace/overwrite is important issue for my instance of rc..

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