[RCU] Plugin menu not visible

Jorge López Pérez jorgelp at us.es
Mon Sep 19 19:49:57 CEST 2011

Hi Terry,

On 19/09/11 18:00, Terry Carmen wrote:

>   However there is no menu option anywhere that I've seen for managing
>   the filtes from the user side.

  Did you place a valid config.inc.php into plugins/managesieve/? You'll 
find a template at plugins/managesieve/config.inc.php.dist .

  If everything is all right you should see a 'Filters' tab in the 
Configuration section, next to the 'Identities' one.

>   I also don't see any admin control panel anywhere. Is this a symptom of
>   something, or is all the system config done by editing main.inc.php?
>   (not a problem either way, I just want to make sure I'm not missing
>   something)

  Roundcube is configured by editing main.inc.php. AFAIK there is not an 
admin control panel.


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